I had watched the film "Blue Velvet" which directed by David Lynch. It's a fantastic film, and I think a lot while I was watching it, from the human nature, and psychology. There's another film I saw when I was in primary school, which is pretty similar to the Blue Velvet, and the name of the film is The Wall by Pink Floyd. I think the antagonist, of Blue Velvet", Frank and the main character of The Wall, Pink Floyd are pretty much same because both of them have the unique feeling with their mother. They are identical, but also different, just like the song Jim Morrison sings,

"I looked at you
You looked at me
I smiled at you
You smiled at me

And we're on our way
No, we can't turn back
Yeah, we're on our way
And we can't turn back"



Today we were using the loom to do some textile samples. It’s not the first time I use the loom, but teachers ask us to work with the group of six, that's somewhat interesting. We use the method of rotating the water bottle to decide which material to use. After that, we got a significant, colorful textile samples. Everyone put their best work on the team; everyone has the different style of knitting, I learned much stuff from it. Then, I tried working on my own and made some little samples which inspired by the research what I down in this weekend.



We went to the Tate Modern to do some research about EXPLORE MATERIALS AND OBJECTS. After we went back to Archway, we did print design. But the printer was not working, so I am going to do it tomorrow.

Observational drawings.



Working on my printing research.



I had chosen  a part of my collage to make a knit and print simple.

The teacher also given me a lot of useful advices.



Learn to make some knit sample

successful...kind of


I still working on out of the sketchbook cause I got to make more simples.

For this project, I did a lot of research and developed. It’s not enough because the process is not only the most important part but also the final print and silhouette I should work.



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