I researched Hungarian artist Endre Tót. Two years ago, I went to Hungarian national gallery, in there, I saw Endre Tót’s graphic-style work: My Rain-Your Rain. I like the way he uses forward slash fill up all of the pictures and recreate them as new artwork. It reminds me of this project, corduroy.
Also, I researched the background history of corduroy. Soldiers wear corduroy garment went to the battle in WW2. The interesting thing I found is before the war people in the US were extremely broke because of the Great Depression. People join the queue, looking for a job. As time goes by, men went to the war and women stay in the production line to work. I want to use this as a starting point and then carry out my theme.


We have useing our objects to make it like a ridge,also took pictures  for them.


I give up the artist research that I did yesterday because it can’t connect with the theme of WW2. So I focus on the background story. During the investigation, I found that men went to the war and women stay in the production line to work. Women were missing their son, brother or husband in the battle, but at that time mails delivery were languid so the family couldn't know the real situation in time. Without exact photo and correspondences, women keeping imagine what will happen on their relatives: the best and worst situation.
I did first research about the people in the hospital. All most of them are sad, painfully, or numb. They have the same feeling with women in the US during the WW2 because both of them are helpless. Their faces are interesting and vivid. I drow all of them on paper and I want to make them as print.


I am trying to design the silhouette outcome for this project. Before this, I was using the sewing machine to make some fabric samples, but I don't like the colors: black and white. Also, those samples look simple and basic. I don't like all of them!

Different things will cause the different result. Women were putting their imagination on soldiers because everything is possible. Will he be safe, or he already dead in the battle? We can never know that until the family had got the letter. I made a try that put everything on my friend's body, to make the silhouette outcome visible.

Then I researched the atomic bombs of WW2. I found out that all of the Mushroom clouds layered just like what i done on my friend's body. Those layear-style clothes had gaving me the ideal of sample.  It starting looks good.


I refer to the works of Picasso, crying woman. Because those women's emotion looks same with people in the hospital, both of them are sad and desperate.
Then I have made some basic mark making. I started to step through my print design. Based on my print, I try to make my samples. I used cotton, wool, and corduroy so it won't looks rough and plain. I don't like the first samples that I did two days before cause they are too boring to me. I think I could do a better job, so I'm still trying. I give up with the black corduroy. The reason that why I use it before is because I only put black and white images on my sketchbook before I had chosen the colors that I want. Now, I decided to take color from Picasso's paintings.


I'm stuck in here, I should develop more, but I have no idea.

Even though, I think this time my samples are pretty good. I did 5.
Continue my silhouette design, I drow five simples illustrations and make one of them on an A3 sheet. It's not enough; there is more thing I should do, the detail, the final silhouette, and the final illustration.


Organized my old works so I could start my A2 sheets tomorrow.


Today the teacher teach me how to make A2 sheets, and I think I learned a lot.
First, my work is not enough; I should continue working because I'm going to apply for the university with this project. Also, I need to finish my illustration and details.
but after the tutorial, I decided to remove the "blue velvet" project because this one is not quite complete.



I researched the bags of WW2. Those are quit interesting cause soldiers put all they stuff inside their pockets, like bullets, water battle, and photo of his love. Meanwhile at that time soldiers wear the gas mask on their face, and the tube connect the mask with their bag, like a sucker. The soldier draws nutrients in the bags like flowers, they live by the bag and the bag give them the hope of the life.
I think I finished almost of this project, so I went to kx brought some A2 sheets.


I drew the illustration and finished the A2 sheets of this project. Nice


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