Today is the first day of fashion& textile study after the tutorial. We went to the Barbican Center to draw the interesting architecture. The buildings are brutalist architecture, they were built with bare cement and materials. The main color that I choose is black because it could make my drawing looks heavy and raw.


After that, my group member and I reflected every building with reflection paper because the paper could be a mirror, and we can see another different world inside the paper. Inside the paper, the building became distort and hazy. From the other side to see this world, everything had become so much different.


I’m glad with the result because even our experiment was quite simple, compere with other groups, but there is a lot of information we could extract. The world inside the reflection paper is different with reality, but also same, cause it was still a part of the architecture.


So that means our work is quite smooth. After we went back to Archway and made tree collages, all the ideas came from the picture I drew this morning.



I did some collages and patterns in a short period of time, that's what I never did before. I push myself to finish each one of collages in the process, there were always a lot of new stuff comes out of my mind, and I like this feeling. On the paper, colors are fitting with other, it's really interesting, and it trained me to use color boldly.



Today we are going to bring fours sample to the Barbican Center, and take the picture for them. Before I made 10 samples, I print out the original pictures, flip, enlarge, minify every piece of the photo again and again. So every sample could be connect with each other. I wish my sample could fit that architecture perfectly so I took pictures of every sample, and try to found the most subtle result. 




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