11/9                                               AIR, BORROW, and EGALITARIANISM, they are tree words for my group. I start with "borrow" because of compere with other two words, it's not that abstract.

“Borrow” is an action which makes people participation with the other. Usually, people borrow stuff from people they might know because they know each other. Sometimes people borrow things from strangers in particular cases when they really need help. To become the person who would like to lend their things to another, they should be absolutely voluntary. “Borrow” is a way shows how people care about others, and how much they like others, also this world.


12/9                                               Films are made by action, but actions only minimal movement, like moving image. Inside a moving image, people repeat an action again and again. It’s quite funny when I watch it for a long time.

I cut a short fragment from out video that I kept borrowing air from my group member. From the movement trajectory I found out that there is a law inside the biological movement, that means, without talk people still can understand other’s meaning by action. Talking with one another was very beneficial because often without realising it we would inspire one another. That’s why people who had deaf and mute could use sign language to communicate with other people.


More human communication took place by the use of gestures, postures, position and distances than by any other method.

-"Body language: How to read others’ thoughts by their gestures"  




14/09                                              It's really nice to work together with a group. In the group, we could share our ideal, and discuss the problems. There is always room to improve, and always improvements that can be made. I found some inspiration while we are taking, and my group members never hesitate to make comments.

When I doing my research in the library, I searched many literature and expansions which concerned with our theme. Based on facts, my group member and I could have extensions as far as possible.

When we talk about the final art works, I mostly like the first one. I was shocked by that art work because it’s pithy and clear. Also, the first art work looks more mature than others. I think it’s quite cool because they are using sound to be one of the elements. That sounds really interesting.

For the first week of CSM study, I feel very novel. I learned how to communicate with other, to talk about my idea and opinions. Also, I had been told to use the library, it could pop up my mind.

I hope I could learn something more from today. I want to know how to show the best way of my ideas and how to improve them to become better I wish.



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