Today is the first day of part 2 study.

My partner and I went to Forest Hill which is a really tranquil place.

Firstly, we went to a pretty tiny market, but because it is not weekend so we could only shoot for the street views. However, the angles hung at the market were fascinating.

There were also some colorful graphites around them market, they created a strong atmosphere of vitalness and vividness.

Afterwards, we went to the Horniman Museum and Gardens. I saw many specimen and fossils of animal and fish. I am really interested in the revolution of biology because every creature had to self-evolve step by step during thousands of years or more. It shocked me when I found out how great nature is.

During the research I was trying to found some cooler stuff in Forest Hill, and there came the death head moth.

I always said that that butterfly and moth are amazing little creatures, because they are made of ugly caterpillars. I am quite fascinated by this juxtapostion.

The Death Head Moth looks just normal when it was a caterpillar, but after the pupae, the Death Head Moths grew out a spooky face on the top of wings. This spooky face is grown to scare predators. 

There are many other kinds of butterfly and moth that use horrific looks to protect itself, like owl butterfly, polyphemus moth.

They made me think about people who refuse to communicate with the outside world. In the civilized society nowadays, we don't need to worry about the "predators". There's a group of people that over-protect themselves. They don't communicate with other or make friend with other, and always look indifferent or weird. They just like Death Head Moth and they are different with other pretty butterfly because they are going to scare people away before people interact with them. 



Today I went to the Barbican Center again, for doing some research on Jean- Michel Basquiat. I had seen his fantastic collage, graffiti, image, and drawings. The introduction said that when Basquiat was young, he had seen a lot of artworks, so I think that’s why Basquiat was having a perfect foundation for his artistic product. He had used special material boldly, like peanut hull, silkscreen and Felt tip pen. Also, I immensely like the way that he mixes color in his work.
After that, I went back CSM library. I want to do some depth research on “Death-Head-Moth-People” that I said yesterday. For my self, I don't enjoy travel with my family at all, so I am trying to hide in front of other. I found some literature of why people would like to stay alone, how to think about the word “lonely” rationally, and why family makes some people feel uncomfortable. I hope I can more specifically understand myself.



I went back to the library again, to continue my research. I organized my research process with a flow chart which I am going to discuss with my partner. I’m looking for artist work about mass number of people, weird family, and the youngster who not like to deal with strangers.
I found out that the reason why I feel uncomfortable of hanging out with my family is that generation gap.
Something I care about that they don't give a damn. Old people who around me are old-fashioned and stubborn, somehow they would only do what they want to do and never listen to any suggestions cause they are "elders". That's driving me crazy.

I have to escape from reality or situation for every time I cannot change. And now, I would rather be hanging out by myself, not with my relatives.



I finished my self research and drawing. Also I print out six picsto difind myself.



I did collages with the pictures my partner give to me. Every photo is somehow meaningful, each one of them is showing a part of the culture of China which is entirely different with western culture. The idea of my partner is very novel cause she wants to analysis Chinese culture with her eye. She said, those cultures are a part of her life, they are influencing her every day. There's a generation gap between Chinese young people with elders,and many of the elders wouldn't change for this rapid development of society, that's made our society quite confusion.
By the way, this topic is quite impressive, but many people had used it, it’s some commonplace, so I’m going to do more research about it, and try to make it fresh again.



I still do my collages with the idea of yesterday and I review the images my partner had given to me. There's an image really catch me which showing a couple kissing behind the bus stop, there's an old woman stand beside them, and looks quite incompatible with the couple. It's a perfect picture that showing the generation gap. In the past, Chinese people will not talk about love in front with other people cause it's flip and undignified, they are too shy to say "I love you". Now, people are more cheerful than before, we wish to express our idea to more people, make friend with any kinds race of people, but the elders do not think students are ready for love and sex, so students are not allowed to love school, and the only thing they could do the study. I think it's a very strong contrast to the society.
I had stocked for a long time because I can not concentrate at all.
So ...



Everything becomes more and more clear now, I found the way I need to follow, and I feel great.


Today's the last day of this project, I learned a lot from other’s work and the little note they give me. I think my sketchbook does not show a clear developmental process because my classmate said my collages are cool, but they can’t understand my story, so I changed my typesetting and storyline, try to make it clean and interesting.
I had explored all research possibilities, and my research influenced my technique decision a lot.
I’m going to improve my simples cause I think my with my research and collages are better than those final samples, and it’s not good.



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