I went outside to see public art works with my friends in London, on this Saturday. I really like “Dreamy Bathroom”. The artist had using bronze as main material, and the structure of this work is very smooth. When the first time I saw it, I thought they were made of marble because the pattern seems really look like marble. When I touch it, I feel rough and heavy. I think the artist had used a strong contrast between vision and touch when he made this art work because as I said when I first saw it, I think it might be really smooth, but after I touching it, I feel rough. So it’s a really cool research experience. 


I draw some public art witch quite shocked me. It’s better to say that I draw many abstract structure than just public art itself. Because I want to show that what had I learn and see.


We keeping draw three shapes with black white color, and there come many new shapes in our sketchbook. Next, I cut three pieces of new shapes, and put them together, into a new object.

The good thing is I did a good job on the object, and I Getting understand what are doing now. But I still have a lot of deficiencies that should fix up. For example, I need think more, I always using my old ideas from many years ago, that means I'm not studying very well. I should sum up the things I sew every day and found anything interesting during every class or life time.



 I failed with the first paper model because I had used too much time for thinking. Then I tried the second time on Friday, it looks much better than the first one. The teacher asks us to draw our paper model and human model on double page with portrait way.  It’s also another way to use flexible thinking to think our outcome.



My classmates have been given me a lot of advice and encouragement, I really appreciate that. They told me that my drawing is some kind of dirty, I agree with that, cause I had used many charcoal and pencil. For the cloth I made, I’m going to continue fixing it because it looks very flat and casual. But I knew is gonna happen cause that was the first time I'm trying to make a 'cloth'. By the way, I think the main point of the class is the idea, not a real 'cloth'.



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