28/09                                              Critique is good, and I would like to take critique. Listen other’s opinion is the way to complete me. It's good to be bad because that means there're a lot of things I need to know.

My group members are standing in different spots of my art work, and listen to my own idea seriously. Before I explant my art work to them, they had given me some inspirations which are really a novelty to me. While when other members display their art work, I try to find some interesting part, it’s a process which teaches me to think deeply about art work. Face to a different kind of art style, concept, and life experience, I really appreciate this chance that I could speak more and think more.

My art work “After/ Dieter Roth” is based on my own experience “private”. All used napping paper was put inside plastic bag one by one. They make all wastes art-like. There’s also a video taken by me that shows the action before the work down. Every napkin paper is the epitome of self, people usually careful with their word and action, but after wiping mouth, they leave without habit and privacy. What did they eat, are they rich or poor, they used to be clean or sloppy, or even some guy could use lipstick?

The reason that why I named my work “After/ Dieter Roth” is because after I finished my work, I found out that Dieter Roth made some art works which look pretty similar to mine. The “after” is also means the action that people finished their meal and wiping the mouth.

If I try to make my art work better, I should do more experiment and make people participating in my art work. I could put hooks on each every paper, while my audience comes, they could take it off, and disrupt the order to make other confusion, then people might imagine what they look like or what kind of job they are working on.



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