02/10                                              My partner and I made brainstorm around “body” and “social“. We had many ideas about how to display our outcome. The time is not enough. That means we are going to use the limited time to finish the work, also for our art work, we should make it easy to understand and interesting, so the art work could “communicate” with audiences.

We made the plan that using cotton threads (6x6) connect the ceiling and ground in 30 square centimeters, and we paste texts on every thread to make the shape looks like a human’s body. Each every text is showing people’s opinion about social protests. This art work should be displayed in front of a big mirror, so the audience could feel they are a part of the society, every word they said are matter.

It’s a pity that we didn’t finish the work at last, the teacher points out the problem: our work is looking like a fine art work, maybe is because we haven’t enough time, but we still need to make it understandable. However, if we finish it successfully, I believe it could bring the audiences some kind of visual impact and inspire their mind.

I really like other classmate’ work, they got a deeper understanding of fashion communication. They use graphic design and video to make people are focused on it. What I learned is that fashion communication is totally different with fine art. It’s about intuitive feeling and visual impact.


03/10                                              I was trying to make a neat picture by using black, white, and white color. The teacher gives me the letter “0”. There was a lot of ideas came to my mind, but at last, I chose the one that demon inside water. I try to use a cartoon way to make people understand the picture easily. It’s structuralism because make a perfect water image is quilt complicate, so just point the main idea, the “demon”, people will understand everything.


06/10                                              Graphic communication always thinks about the audience, we can see it everywhere, and it’s for everyone.

I try to show my idea clear and simple, and I want everyone understands it. I displayed my art work “pass” in two washrooms and used play tape making a connection with them. One end of the tape is connected to the flush, and other side connected to the toilet.

The word “pass” is a verb which unnecessary to show in this situation because people will still go to flush toilet away even I didn't put any words inside the loo. When people walk through the washroom, they will be wondering what’s going on the other side, black tape just like pipes, after they finished “pass” the excreta, it will be passed to another side. The excreta is not only pooh and pee, but also the culture, life habit, and personal character that people don't like. That's why people are going to pass it away to the other side of the drainpipe.

The first idea of “pass” was come with the large garbage truck. I have been always hating myself before I graduate from high school. I thought that when I throw my garbage into the bin, the workers will pick it up and take my past away which I don’t want it back for good. but then, I found out that if I put the word “pass” inside loo, people could understand what I mean easier, and the idea that I want pass to them would be much stronger and rush their mind.



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