09/10                                               The first day of 3DDA was about “wear it”, and it’s composed of “suspend”, “support”, and “surround”.

I used black iron wire make rings around five fingers, it's a symbol of unforgettable fetter from destiny cause people always give some kind of definition for fingers, like the wedding and identity inheritance. There are also five wires connect rings and a black iron bar. I made that it because it's a balance, tells the truth about life. In another way, this ring' for five people, the black iron bar like a toy that we had played when we were young. I wish to make it could go around, that means even people are growing up, but we still friends, and we will be glad forever.


10/10                                               We call the object which can let us sit down as chair. But I got some ideas for a chair that people cannot be able to sit down.

I did some research about what makes people afraid of. I found out that people always afraid of unusual things, like the human face, poignant object, serried thing, dark, and so on. Those things make people feel uncomfortable. I made a chair that full of sharp thorns, then ask my classmates, would they sit on it? All of them said no. So if it is a chair that no one wants sit, can I sill call it a “chair”?



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