This holiday I spend a lot of time hanging out with my friend Paris. She’s nice. We have been to many cool places, and we have been seen many exhibitions. Yesterday, Paris and I went to winter wonderland which is in Hyde Park. I don’t want waste this chance, so I’m going to do this color project with our friendship.


I went to White Cube and Tate Modern, to see “Gilbert &George,” and “ILYA AND EMILIA KABAKOV”’s exhibition, and think how to develop my project. Gilbert &George are known for their distinctive and highly formal appearance and manner in performance art, and also for their brightly coloured graphic-style photo-based artworks.  

The relationship of two people is like a complete brain, and the brain loses its balance when it lost half of it. Also, people’s body lost balance when their brain is going to atrophy. Patients with brain atrophy cannot draw smooth lines, much like the gaps in their brains. So I decided to do this project with wool. 



I have made three knit samples which got the idea from the brain, and I going to make more cause in next step I need to develop my print and collage, but the only "brain" is not enough for this project, so I am trying to go farther in this concept.



Patients with brain atrophy keep remembering things to control the disease of their brain. Father more, as time goes by, some of them will get Alzheimer disease. They can only remember one thing which is the best at last. And for me, the best memory of that day is I drive the carting with Paris. 

I use the photos that I took in the karting ground to do my mark making, so I could use them to make my print.


Today is the first day of the year.

I all most done this project. I did collages with my print, but there’s no silhouette design. So next project I should focus on it.


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